Neil Hall

I became aware of Bowenwork® when I was 70, this was in 2000.  I began attending seminars and learning the technique. In December 2001 we opened our office and began to offer the Bowenwork Technique to people in the Abilene, Texas area (myself included, it has kept me going and healthy for my years). I also stock Herbs & Supplements for your convenience.

I am now 82 and seeing an average of 30 clients a week. Most are referrals from satisfied clients. The Bowenwork Technique still amazes me, it is effective with so many different problems. I see many who have found no relief from other forms of healthcare, respond and begin to enjoy life again.

A few problems that I see frequently: Pain of all kinds the most prevalent Back, Neck, Sciatic, Shoulder, wrist, elbow and joint pain. Other things I see less frequently Migraines, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel, Sinus, Digestion, Elimination, Female Problems and many others, all of which usually respond with relief or improved conditions.

I envisioned when I first started Bowenwork that we would have a Hub of Bowenwork activity here in Abilene, Texas and now Bowenwork is expanding all over the world, here in Abilene, Texas we have opened the Bowtech® Health Center (Bowtech is the registered name in Australia and Bowenwork is registered in the USA). There are (3) three of us and more training so we can fulfill the needs of the Big Country.

For more information about Bowenwork refer to the links section of this site. Call me for a free consultation, I will take the time to listen and explain how what we do can or cannot work for your situation. You can call & set up an appointment at (325) 676-9227.

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